Sorry no Camping

Thatís to make a long story short.
And as the eleventh hour nears,
the Plan is to keep a high level of Racing, so
Iím gone to blame it on the Bureaucrats who Iím sure,
You have all ran into, along the way, in what we call the Game of Life.

But the show will go on with all the other Amentias that the
Endless Encounter has always offered, even down to the FREE Beer.
So I can only ask for you understanding and add this list of
Other Nearby Accommodations and please except my apology,
but I have no control outside of the Race.

Nearby Accommodations


Montrose Campsites Montrose 570-278-9999 13 miles

Bed & Breakfast

Lynn-Lee House B & B New Milford 570-465-3505 3 miles
Smily Hollow B & B South Gibson 570-756-3549 8 Miles
April Valley Susquehanna 570-756-2688 8 Miles
Rosemont Inn B & B Montrose 570-278-7600 12 Miles
Aunt Julie's B & B Montrose 570-278-2342 12 Miles


Parkveiw Hotel New Milford 570-465-9675 3 miles
Blue Ridge New Milford 570-465-2675 3 miles
Endless Mountain Lodge New Milford 570-465-2126 3 miles
Holiday Inn Express Gibson 888-890-0242 7 miles
Colonial Brick Hallstead 800-290-3922 10 Miles
Mastroserio's Inn Montrose 570-278-9284 12 Miles
Montrose House Montrose 570-278-1124 12 Miles

New Milford Bike
195 Main Street
(Route 11)
New Milford, P.A. 18834
(570) 465-2169

You may also call with any questions
(570) 465-2169