Professional Stunt Bicycle Team Teaches at Schools


  • Perfection on Wheels: Todd- 800-650-BIKE (2453)
  • New Milford Bike: Steve- 570-465-2169

This nationally acclaimed bicycle stunt team specializes in safety and drug awareness. School assemblies bring their high action performance to the local school or event.

Perfection on Wheels has six teams, East and West Coast, in order to cover the demand for their stunt shows in 49 states. In fact, the demand is so high that between the six teams, over 1800 shows are presented at schools, bike rodeos, and other events each year. The forty minute program is packed with exciting bike stunts to hold the audience’s attention while the riders promote safe riding and benefits of a drug-free lifestyle.

Perfection on Wheels employs some of the top riders in the sport who represent themselves as role models in order to encourage the students to follow the positive messages that are presented. “We can use our riding influence in a way that will hopefully save lives and keep kids off drugs,” says Dennis Lanaglais, the company’s founder and pro-rider for ten years.

With many states adopting helmet laws for children, the nation’s continuing campaign afainst drug use, the team’s program is welcomed by teachers, police departments, PTA committees, D.A.RE officers, and goverment helth and safety departments across the country.

Spinning, gliding, rolling, and hopping, the team demonstrates moves that consistently amaze and entertain audiences across the country. The colorful uniforms, professional sound/announcing system and of course the tricked-out bikes top off the Perfection on Wheels Stunt Show…The Greatest Show on Wheels.

For more information, call Perfection on Wheels at 1-800-650-BIKE (2453) or New Milford Bike at 570-465-2169.