Professional Stunt Bicycle Team Teaches at Schools


  • Perfection on Wheels: Todd- 800-650-BIKE (2453)
  • New Milford Bike: Steve- 570-465-2169

This nationally acclaimed bicycle stunt team specializes in safety and drug awareness. School assemblies bring their high action performance to the local school or event.

Perfection on Wheels has six teams, East and West Coast, in order to cover the demand for their stunt shows in 49 states. In fact, the demand is so high that between the six teams, over 1800 shows are presented at schools, bike rodeos, and other events each year. The forty minute program is packed with exciting bike stunts to hold the audience’s attention while the riders promote safe riding and benefits of a drug-free lifestyle.

Perfection on Wheels employs some of the top riders in the sport who represent themselves as role models in order to encourage the students to follow the positive messages that are presented. “We can use our riding influence in a way that will hopefully save lives and keep kids off drugs,” says Dennis Lanaglais, the company’s founder and pro-rider for ten years.

With many states adopting helmet laws for children, the nation’s continuing campaign afainst drug use, the team’s program is welcomed by teachers, police departments, PTA committees, D.A.RE officers, and goverment helth and safety departments across the country.

Spinning, gliding, rolling, and hopping, the team demonstrates moves that consistently amaze and entertain audiences across the country. The colorful uniforms, professional sound/announcing system and of course the tricked-out bikes top off the Perfection on Wheels Stunt Show…The Greatest Show on Wheels.

For more information, call Perfection on Wheels at 1-800-650-BIKE (2453) or New Milford Bike at 570-465-2169.

Why should you ride your bike to work? Isn’t driving faster? Well, yes, but there’s still many reasons to ride to work.

  • For one, it is great exercise. You don’t have to worry about working out after that long work day, or getting up early to do so. You get your daily exercise in just by going to and from work, it’s a two-in-one! Not to mention, it’s a great form of exercise that gets your heartbeat going. It can be effective cardiovascular benefit.
  • Two, you’ll save money, who doesn’t like that? No more pumping gas and putting money towards that when you’re riding your bike everywhere. And, you might be able to even get rid of your car if you’re not using it, then getting rid of that car payment and insurance, saving you even more! You’ll no longer have to worry about parking or getting sick using a public transit.
  • And lastly, and what we believe to be the most important reason, it keeps our planet clean and green! You inhale more harmful exhaust in your car than on a bike, though fuel emissions are bad news in general, drivers are actually more susceptible to harmful air than bicyclists. So, not only are you saving yourself from these harmful fuels, but the planet too. It reduces noise pollution, and helps saves forests since making tires for bikes takes less rubber than tires for cars, helping prevent clearing for forests for rubber plantations.

We could go on for days on why you should ride your bike to work, and how it helps save the planet! But, we rather have you riding then reading this blog post.

If you have any more questions or want to know more reasons to convince you to switch how you commute to work, shoot us an email us at, call at 570-465-2169 or give us a visit!

I would like to introduce to you a program that we have set up for business’ to participate in, that will promote a clean, energizing, and adventurous recreation for the whole family to enjoy, with no impact on your environment, BICYCLING.

We carry a full line of bikes, from single speed youth models to multi-speed adult models, specializing in off-road mountain bikes, with name brands such as Cannondale, Diamondback and Haro. Our bicycles are of high quality with state of the art features and carry a life-time warranty on the main frame and a one year warranty on all parts, components and labor. Each unit will be equipped with a free kick stand and other accessories such as helmets, water bottles, packs, etc. are available at our “guaranteed low price.”

We will provide you with bikes, minimum order of three {3}, at a “guaranteed low price,” to be used at your discretion for rental purpose or general use for your guest. A 10% discount will be given on all orders of six {6} or more units purchased. Standard terms are: 1/3 down upon ordering, 1/3 due upon delivery, and the remaining 1/3, 30 days. All sales tax will apply.

We are also offering, free of charge, an extended service agreement for two {2} years in which we will adjust, align, service and lube the entire bike to keep it operating in peak performance. These tune-ups will occur in the off season, unless so needed, which we will gladly do within one {1} week of being notified.

As owner of New Milford Bike Shop, I can say that with proper care and maintenance, these earth family machines, will offer years of service. In the event they will need any repairs not covered by the warranty, you’ll be pleased to know that our repair department is very reasonable because we truly believe biking should be fun and not expensive.

Thank you for your interest and we will look forward to your correspondence. Please feel free to call any time with any questions or concerns.
Stephen Bruno

Free community bicycles to use, promote hope, and trust together. To be used by anyone, anytime. Please leave on Main St. for the next rider and ride at your own risk.

For repair or more information, call New Milford Bikes at 465-2169

The Yellow Bike Project could be started in any town. Here’s how our letter went and now we have Yellow Bikes.

Town Council,
As owner of New Milford Bike, I would like to introduce a program that would promote more efficient transportation, build hope and trust among each other, assist in policing, burn calories, and get unused bikes under needy riders; Free Community Bikes. These free to borrow bikes are providing to those who otherwise use polluting and inefficient cars, a means to get around town for their personal use, or just plain recreation and may provide a solution to prevent other peoples bikes from being stolen.

We provide to the community, and no charge to anyone, simple single speed bike, to be used by anybody at any time, at their own risk, and would just request that they be left on Main Street after their use so that they could be available for the next rider.

The bikes would be painted yellow, to identify them as community bikes and would regularly be picked up and serviced by our shop, to maintain their performance and insure their safety. The bikes would also be identified by a sign attached to the frame.

Free Community Bike
repairs or pick-up call
New Milford Bike
please leave on Main Street

With your support and approval, we can begin to set the Yellow Bike Project into effect, with no expense to your municipality. Of course, your local residents would respond positively to this unique town endeavor, but more important, we will all be gaining a real sense of community involvement as we will be helping all of those who are in need.

Thank you for your interest and consideration, as we are excited about getting started on this project as soon as possible.

Stephen Bruno

Give it a try and give something to your community…